Located on Missouri Av, Largo Florida in an older strip Mall
1410 Missouri Ave N LargoFL 33770        727-586-0565


Staff is nice, and kinda fake friendly. I have eaten here on three occasions to get a confirmation.  Twice with other folks whose opinions I value.  I generally take a second person along if I suspect something. They generally agreed with what I had to say.  

The liked the primal basic simple veggie Sushi, the food did nothing for them.   Places like this annoy me because these are manageable problems.  How can you have good Sushi and bad food. Simple explanation forthcoming.

The good thing here is the SUSHI is made in front of your eyes on a separate table.  It's a good thing but not a spectacular thing as most places do the same.   The Sushi chefs here in the local area generally are pretty good.  

This is easily learned when taught by a pro, and duplicated artwork.  The best however work in the pure Sushi bars, generally not buffets because they enjoy their artistry and more of a say in their selection of  dishes they prepare. 

The buffet generally serves the same thing every day.  I enjoy watching them do their artistry in food but after testing several buffets, I have come to the conclusion most of it is the same. They either copy each other, possibly related as we have found,  or steal from each other or went to the same school.

I am an amateur in this area. Just learning. Sushi is like painting a house. Just stand back and either see it done right or you spot the bad work. You build on it like painting a house, the plaster, sanding, primer, first coat, finish.  On the other hand the secret to Sushi is proper preparation of the sticky rice, freshness, technique and attention to detail. You can see what's coming off the Bamboo mat.

I just got a new right handed Sashimi knife for my collection of Houchou's, Santoku's, Nakiri's, and Deba's, and am dabbling in Sushi preparation. I also dabble in Thai, and Philippine cooking.

Some of the chefs I met in California are world class. Sushi Ran Mitsunori Kusakabe who is the 2008 World's champion out of California is one of the Four Master Sushi Chefs who reside there. 

So watching a pro locally is educational for me even if his work is commercial, not the artistic showman variety in a high end eatery or in competition like at Bloomsbury's London House where Kusakabe's win took place in 2008.  

In this category, SUSHI, or more proper Sashimi, the Golden Wok was OK which means might be safe edible.  That's maybe why I'm talking about it so much.  It does however fall down badly, very badly in other areas.  Like the rest of the food.  The Golden Wok was well tarnished.

I had several problems with the food: No punches pulled,  it was not fresh looking, some of it severely, dried with almost a solid skim coat, probably from cornstarch or flour used for the gravies and sauces as a thickener, on the stainless hot tables. More than one or two had this yesterday’s dinner look. 

Three times I saw this on three occasions. Thats an auto "AVOID"

How long are they holding food and I wonder how much gets carried over.  Some foods are OK, till tomorrow if immediately put in the chillers and sealed with Saran wrap. Some can be really bad to the lower tract if not. Some of the food had congealed, some had hardened with age. Some I had no words for. 

This is "front end damage", thats what I call it.  Because on all buffets, the front end person should be adding minor amounts of hot water, sauce or wine due to natural evaporation.Stirring and freshing the steamer trays looking for dead selection and removing it. 

From a safety standpoint the food is safest on the bottom, where the heat is than on the top where it is cooled by the AC in the place, so you keep stirring.  Food on two occasions was either very hot which is OK,  or looking like yesterdays leftovers, again dried out, cold, slimmed over and not updated or rotated for even temp control and food safety.

Three for three times, same problem evident is a killer for me.  I don't care if the front ender is your wife. You got the knife and I will not eat there.



Once again our friends at ABC are on the ball with their easy to read and use Food and health Guide.  Based on a complaint, the "Poultry Police" of Florida found the following based on a full complaint from a customer. 

They investigated the WOK and just about hit it on the head with the findings we found.  Based on a complaint  7/9/2010  2026395 Complaint  2 nominal/13 critical Violations Total 15. The violations from a complaint circled around food possible contamination and temperature etc.  

The information on this page is obtained from Florida state government records and is compiled from sanitation and safety inspections of named restaurants. Each inspection report is a "snapshot" of conditions present at the time of the inspection. On any given day, an establishment may have fewer or more violations than noted in their most recent inspection. 

Inspections conducted on any given day may not be representative of the overall, long-term conditions at the establishment. Because conditions can change rapidly, establishments are not graded or rated. This webpage is not the official source of this information and should not be relied upon as such. Source: Florida Division of Hotels and Restaurants.

Inspection Date and Recorded Violations

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