Bern's Cheese Cake Recipe

The Bern's Steakhouse Chocolate Cheese Cake is probably the simplest easiest desert you ever made. It is a classic and just like the Colonels Special Blend of herbs and spices and the formula for Coca-Cola, it was a trade secret till Mom figured it out years ago after two bites. 

With a little help from a cousin, a Bern's ex-employee we confirmed the authenticity of the cheese pie formula. She bet the waiter she could tell him most of the ingredients and since he had started in the back he knew. She was 90% right and he rewarded her with a free portion.  

I confirmed it later and thought… In  have found in most of the great culinary enterprises, it's the simplicity that shines through. Complex dishes offer too much to fail like our banks and mortgage companies. Simple things survive. I cannot divulge the source of confirmation, under reasons of confidentiality, fear of industrial espionage and not wanting Homeland Security to find out. But it was not easy. Took almost five minutes to have the secret confirmed by a former employee.

Bern’s Steak House -  Chocolate Cheese Pie -  $8.95 per slice.
Bern’s favorite recipe of a chocolate cream cheese mousse with chocolate chips in a chocolate cookie crumb crust.
Served with fresh whipped cream and chocolate shavings.  
Note:  I would add some Grand Marnier 1.5 oz in a 6.0 cup of good coffee for the end of a perfect dinner party.

1 package chocolate pudding (Has to be Instant mix, this is the no cooking method)
1- 8 oz package cream cheese
1 tub Cool Whip  (or - 8 oz Milk and *8 oz whipping cream)
1 ready made Graham Cracker pie crust or preferable Chocolate crumb pie crust
2 oz Chocolate Liquor Godiva Liqueur Chocolate 50ML. Its ultra-velvety dark taste is sublime, its balance not overly sweet. The magnificence of the most decadent chocolate you can imagine, made divine as a sumptuous liqueur.  Reg. 3.99 a bottle (avail on web)
1 oz. dark or med chocolate shaved for garnish. Also you can drizzle Hershey’s toppings from a squeeze bottle, ground Almond dust and Vanilla beans or Oreo Cookies crumbled. The toppings are endless.


1- Add milk and whipping cream combo to chocolate instant pudding.  Beat or stir for 1 minute.    
2- Add softened cream cheese, liquor, and blend until smooth.
3- Spread mixture evenly in pie crust. 
4- Refrigerate three hours or more.

Use remaining Cool Whip, Canned Whip, or fresh made Whipped Cream as pie topping. Use crushed Oreo’s mixed in pudding and sprinkled on top in lieu of dark chocolate.  

You can also make…
Strawberry with Strawberry Liquor.
Banana with Lemon and Vanilla Combo.
The trick is the instant pudding for the fast set-up, crucial in the restaurant business and the liquor for the unique taste.

Bon appétit enjoy good food.