THE WORST - Chefs-Choice 110 - Made by Edgecraft -


"Their viewpoint:  The Edgecraft Chef's Choice 110 Diamond Hone 3 stage professional knife sharpener is a must-have tool in any kitchen. This professional, electric knife sharpener safely and quickly gives kitchen, sports, and pocket knives an incredibly sharp, long-lasting edge in seconds. 


Why pay others to come in and sharpen your knives when you can do it yourself. With the Chef's Choice 110 electric knife sharpener, you will save time, money, and knives. 

The Chef's Choice 110 Diamond Hone 3 stage professional knife sharpener comes with a patented three-stage process, 100% diamond abrasives, and fool-proof BiLevel magnetic guides which create razor-sharp Trizor edges. Each electric sharpener comes with a two year limited warranty and is UL and ETL Listed."

Some of the reviewers comments disagreed:

1- Hated it, threw it away and learned how to use real hones. Get a couple of good hones instead and learn to use them. I got one of these a couple of years ago. I figured I would now enter "easy sharp knife heaven", but it ruined all my knives. They are sharp, but only kind of sharp. It ground the bevels to flat and I never managed to get anything that was remotely razor sharp, and trust me, I have tried. Anyhone who says razor sharp, doesn't really mean razor razor sharp or may never have seen a really sharp knife. If it isn't as sharp as that scalpel you used in biology class, it is not razor sharp.

I recently bought the book Razor Edge sharpening, and a couple of Razor Edge hones and hand reground all the knives I had ruined (doesn't take long if you do it right, even from a destroyed edge). Now I finally have the ultra scalpel sharp knives I always wanted. So sharp it is almost scary. Good hones aren't cheap either, but you can use them for your other tools too, like chisels, etc.

2-  I sharpened three Henckels knives and did not obtain the razor sharp results that were promised. Have not sharpened the rest yet. Would not purchase again.

3- This thing is a ...joke. Yes, I've tried everything suggested in the instuctions, including holding my hand just so. Curiously, it'll make a grocery store rubber paring knife about as sharp as it will make real carbon steel knives. My guess is, that was the design goal. If you want to sharpen your rubber knives, this is your machine. It does a lot of impressive vibrating and stuff but it doesn't really sharpen knives. If you want one of these, mine will be for sale soon on e-bay.

4-  I knew that any powered sharpening system was suspect, however when I received the 110 as a gift I gave it a try. It is such a poor sustitute for an easy hand powered system like the EdgePro. No comparison. The 110 scratched the face of my expensive knives. It produces only a moderately sharp edge. I am now only sharpening with the EdgePro System. Wickedly sharp knives in half the time and no worries about scratching the face of expensive knives. The EdgePro takes less metal and produces an edge that this machine can't touch. Do what you want. I'm sticking with a system that works. EdgePro.

5- It is easier to take things back to a local retailer if you think something is wrong with a product. i believe the sharpener wheels are misaligned so the knives are being unevenly sharpened. It does take off metal. I'm going to do more practicing with it and not on my top of the line knives. 

Editors note: I agree...
I sent my Model 110 back to the company with a letter, cordial, but told them they could take their product and give it to charity, employee of the month, Good Will, or natives in South America to sharpen their machetes with.  It is better to lose eighty dollars than ruin a 200 dollar knife. I could do better with a piece of hard stream bedrock. This was the worst product I have ever tested and I tell anyone I see to pass on it. 

This particular model will destroy your knife's edge and recreate an abomination. We did not test any of their other models as we have good knives and want them to stay that way.  I never heard back from them, with any kind of communications. Good Riddance.

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